July 7, 2021

Take One Thing…. #1 – Inspirational ideas for your home

Mood board ideas for Hallway

‘Where do I start?’ is a question we get asked A LOT by our clients. And the answer is often with just one thing – a single, inspirational element.

In this new series, we hope to give you the starting blocks and inspirational ideas for creating your own interior schemes in less time than it takes for a quick five-minute coffee break.

Each episode will start with an interior item that’s caught our attention. We’ll then add a few other elements to create a straight-up conceptual design scheme for a dedicated space in the home.

So to kick us off, this episode’s inspirational item is…

No. 1 – Wallpaper

Josephine Munsey Wallpaper

Bombe’s Fernery Wallpaper, Teal and Orange Highlights www.josephinemunsey.com


Forest ferns are a huge favourite here at No.54, so this stunning wallpaper by Josephine Munsey is a bit of a no-brainer when it comes to inspiration. We love the organic, fluid nature of the design, the deep and luxurious teal green and the tiny pops of the fern’s underbelly in a vibrant terracotta orange which give it an almost realistic texture. There are so many places we could see this working, but for today’s inspiration, we’re thinking a hallway reception.

Item No. 2 – Console

Console by Trove

 Avalon three drawer chest in Teracotta Army. Trove by Studio Duggan. www.thetrove.co.uk


Ok, so not strictly a console, but hey, this stunning chest from Trove (home and lifestyle brand of the amazing Studio Duggan) is just too darned gorgeous to matter. We love how the curves and flutes echo the sway of the ferns, and the glossy, terracotta paint finish that stands boldly against the wallpaper. One seriously luxurious welcome home.   

Item No. 3 – Wall Lights

Alp Wall Light

Alp wall light 305. Alp www.alp-design.co.uk

If the console provides the luxe, then these beauties by Annick L Peterson bring it back to nature. Sticking with the curves, the frond like strips of leather offcuts and wooden wall plates appear so soft and tactile, and will no doubt cast beautiful light like sun through trees.

Item No. 4 – Mirror

Mirror from Oliver Bonas

Aurora Bronze Glass Wall Mirror. Oliver Bonas www.oliverbonas.com


Every hallway needs a mirror, and we’ve selected this one from Oliver Bonas for its shape and colour which, excuse the pun, is like a perfect reflection of the drawers below.

Item No. 5 – Coat Stand

Coat Stand

Mid Century Bamboo Coat Stand. 1st Dibs www.1stdibs.co.uk

We’re big fans of old things and like to include a bit of vintage in a scheme where we can. It may take a bit more patience and shopping around, but it’s worth it. This Mid-Century bamboo coat stand found on 1st Dibs couldn’t be more perfect.

Item No. 6 – Vase

Vase from Block Design

Reversible Glass Vase. Block Design www.blockdesign.co.uk


Finally, a simple decorative touch with this quirky reversible vase from Block Design. Eye-catching and unusual with or without flowers.

Mood board ideas for Hallway

Hallway Scheme inspiration by No.54 Interiors


And there you have it, a rich and inviting entrance hall scheme inspired by the swirling lushness of forest ferns.

Keep an eye out for our next instalment of Take One Thing for more inspirational ideas for your home, or check out our other blogs.