Where beauty meets function and form

Shaun in Workshop

Working hand-in-hand with our in-house Interior Designer, Shaun and his team make sure that every project is created with you in mind, interpreting functional needs into design-led bespoke carpentry.

Whether part of an overall Interior Design scheme or a one-off piece, every project is presented with concept designs, detailed layouts, sample materials and 3d visuals so that you truly get a sense of how the finished pieces will look and feel in your home.

We obsess about everything – materials, colours & finishes, angles, joints, hardware; we take pride in the details that set us apart. Nothing leaves the workshop unless we’re confident you’ll be 100% delighted with our finished work.

We create Kitchens, Dressing Rooms, Wardrobes, Tables and Bench Seating, Media Units, Home Offices, Bookcases and storage in complex spaces. We make what you can’t find.

Concept Icon

Quality & Materials

We always select the best materials and high quality hardware for every piece, and are continually researching new and innovative products. We make things that are built to function effortlessly and last a lifetime. 

Rendered visual of built in storage

Visuals & Layout

Everything we do is bespoke and designed around how you need it to work. From the longest dress to the heaviest pan, we design every little feature and walk you through details visuals to achieve the perfect outcome. 


Details & Finishes

We take great pride in how our work looks. Attention is given to every detail, from preparation to finishing touches. We use environmentally friendly water-based paints and laquers, sprayed in our own booth or traditionall hand finished and matched to any colour. 

“Shaun is clearly a perfectionist and went to great effort to make sure my beautifully made grain matched wardrobes fitted neatly between my uneven Edwardian walls and floors. I am so pleased with how my bedroom is now, it’s the calm, cosy sanctuary I needed.”

Alison. Bedroom.